AIS 140 Approved GPS Tracker in Hyderabad

GAGAN 01 - AIS 140 GPS Tracker is a robust but compact ARAI Certified and AIS 140 compliant vehicle tracker device designed for most advance gps tracking and monitoring of personal assets. It also features offline data saving and tampering alerts.
Its affordable for all pockets features imply large scale deployment and volume-based fleet management reporting.

What i AIS 140 ?

so one can increase and make certain the performance of the transport system the government of India as designed an an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) underneath the vehicle industry standard - 140. the its is globally demonstrated to optimize the utilization of present transport infrastructure to the nice of its potential. this allows in improving the transportation system in phrases of efficiency, nice, consolation and safety. AIS 140 GPS and isn't always being implemented across the country.

Who Needs AIS-140 GPS Tracker?

AIS 140 is the sensible transport system that is a new addition for automotive industry standards. The intelligent transport system (ITS) is a much needed requirement of the sector of automobiles. the motors on the road are increasing daily and therefore there may be a want of a central authority guidelines which specify the emergency and safety requirements that need to be implied in all kind of public transport structures. those consist of all forms of rail, street, air and water transportation modules to be outfitted with AIS 140 gps devices. there are kinds of ais-140 necessities in a gps device - emergency button and fleet location tracking.

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