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School Bus Tracking Bus
Fleet Tracking Truck
Enterprises Tracking Car
Bike Scooter Tracking Bike
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GPS Tracker features
Web based online tracking Web based online tracking
Immobilize engine sms/app/web Immobilize engine sms/app/web
Location by sms/call Location by sms/call
Ignition on/off alert Ignition on/off alert
SOS alert SOS alert
Ignition on/off alert Ignition on/off alert
Fuel monitoring Fuel monitoring
GPS antenna cut alert GPS antenna cut alert
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GPS Tracking System in Hyderabad

  • How long do batteries last in a gps tracker? Battery life of any electronic object depends on its use. The more it is used the quicker the battery gets depleted. Same goes with AIS 140 GPS Trackers, the more they are made to use the quicker the battery exhausts. Mymap vehicle trackers come with an expected battery life of 8-12hrs a day for 3-4years.
  • What do AIS 140 GPS Device trackers need to work effectively? First and foremost important need of the GPS device for showing correct locations is to receive signals from the satellites to identify the location of any object or vehicle.

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